How often have you traveled to a city and wished you could uncover local secrets, history, or follow in the footsteps of famous residents?

Global Treasure Apps is an award-winning app with clue-driven walking trails around tourism destinations and within visitor attractions.

The App is better than a leaflet, better than an audio tour, better than a loyalty card! The trails have multiple-choice questions, picture clues, audio, video, social media sharing and rewards. We have a prestigious client base from Glasgow Museums to The Crown Estate.

The trails educate, entertain and enhance the visitor experience of a destination. With sponsorship banners and In App purchases the trails can also be a revenue stream for visitor attractions. We put attractions on the map and offer a joined-up digital strategy to tourism destinations.

Buzzfeed puts it best in the article:

21 Apps That Are Better Than A Tour Guide

The guided treasure trails allow players to look at a familiar or new area in a whole new light. The clue-driven walks make exploration extra fun and help tourists and locals to discover nooks and crannies of the area they might have bypassed.